Hey pit me again, A while back i mentioned that i may be setting up a t-shirt company soon at college, we basically will print you anything on a shirt.

So any ideas for slogans people?
Any other things we could sell or services we could offer?
We have to win the team against us are a bunch of muppets and are planning to do gigs with the ****est band in our area and i mean really ****.

Generally we re trying to start a craze and if it works our shares will go very far very fast.

Right now we are just setting up with ideas etc.

I'm not advertising. Sorry for earlier.
Lol Wut

edit: seriously
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
the pear is an awsome idea i would buy your entire stocks of it and if u use it send me one :P
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i rubbed IcyHot on it
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youve already made this thread and it got closed for advertising, the same thing is going to happen to this.