Right..so for my first bass I bought a Peavey Dynbass QT 4-string from my local music store, and was pretty pleased with the quality for the price (£200). Few months on, I'm still using it and still very pleased, but I've begun to notice that it seems not to exist anywhere apart from in my room.

I can't find any information about it on the internet, and nobody seems to have it. Does anyone here actually have the same bass as me? Or know anything about it?

Pictures on my profile for those who care!

P.S- Looking to get a 2nd bass soon, play mainly Chilis songs (slap..) and a bit of Lostprophets etc..any ideas?
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Im just getting one of these and as you said cant seem to find any info

did you get any joy with this?
that sucks man I know how you feel. same thing happened with my new snowboard last year. just keep looking, you'll find it.
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