so i wired up only one humbucker to one volume pot in a project epiphone sg guitar, i wired everything correctly and i tried 2 different pickups (stock pups, and invader) and they were both way to bassy for a bridge pickup, this cant be right. any clue as to why it is doing this?
Hmm, that's wierd then. Technically 500k pots are bright, no tone control would make it even brighter and the loss of a tone control cap would make it bright as well. I can't explain it...
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so lets say it happened to be a 250k pot, would that be the reason of it being way too bassy?
250k aren't very bassy specifically - they're normally used in Strats though, because they are bassier than 500k ones. Go buy a 500k Audio (Log) and 1M Audio (Log) Pot, interchange both and see what you like best, 500k would be best.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
yeah i just checked the pot and its a A500k pot, ill have to check out the 1m pot, would a capacitor have anything to do with it?
The tone pots are usually wired up with a capacitor. Just takes off a bit of treble, depending on value, the higher the better. I use 0.033uF in all mine. That's why it's weird that it would be incredibly bassy without tone pots and caps...
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
i could swear that the pot value only had any real effect on the tone control (affecting the RC constant) as opposed to on the volume, unless this is due to the lessened load on the pickup? but then the amp's input impedance is nay on infinite anyway...
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