So i was sitting at dinner last night with my parents and they were entertaining a couple pastors from their church, and i heard a loud knock on the door. I jumped up and ran to the door bc i knew EXACTLY what it was! It was my RMC Picture Wah. So i sat it on the table and finished my dinner. Needless to say as soon as i could i opened the baby up, plugged in and let the eargasm commence. Its an amazing pedal, but is a little quiet with the heel down, and a little too thin with toe down. < but i think that could be operator error. lol . unfortunately im not the best with a wah yet. I would take pictures of the back but ive already got the velcro on it. it needs to stay in place on the board. so pics in a second.

EDIT: i would have pics but my friggin camera isnt liking me today. and not willing to share with my laptop.

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