This might work, it might not, I'll wait and see, go on iTunes (or whatever media player you use) and select shuffle, then pick the first 4 songs that come up, and describe what that song means to you (if anything) and say why UG should or shouldn't listen to it.

1. Dream Theater - The Glass Prison: This was the first Dream Theater song I ever listened to, and one of my favourites by them, as is the case with many DT songs, there is a fairly long intro, but at 1:45 the guitar riff kicks in and it's so heavy and just, ahh, fantastic, then the arpeggio section after that shows Petrucci's diversity at being able to pump out some fantastic low riffs, but also some inspiring solos.

2. Pride and Glory - Harvester of Pain: As much as I love BLS, I have to say that Pride and Glory are just that little bit better, for those who don't know, Zakk Wylde was in Pride and Glory before his BLS days. This band just has a more characteristic sound, Southern Hard Rock/Metal, got a more laid-back bluesy feel than his more recent song, and I don't think enough people who like BLS have heard his older Pride and Glory material.

3. Children of Bodom - In Your Face: I think that Alexi Laiho is an inspiring guitar player, not only because of his composition, but his ability to play some of the complex stuff he does whilst singing is amazing. Although to be honest I'd prefer his harder edged singing as opposed to the yelping/screaming he does a lot, but thats just me. Plus, keyboard solos in a modern metal song aren't used enough

4. The Yardbird's - Smokestack Lightning (live): This song was originally performed by Howlin' Wolf, and this version feature old Slowhand on the guitar. Clapton is still on of the most influential guitarists to me, and whilst he was more well known for his days in Cream and Derek and the Dominoes, this song shows that he's still one of the best guitars we've ever had, he might not be the fastest or the most technical, but hell, he's like a white Hendrix, he sure knows how to play.

5. Jay-Z - 99 Problems: One of the best rappers out there today IMO, it's amazing that he never actually writes his lyrics his down when composing and recording, just all freestyle and from memory, which is arguably one of the most difficult ways to improvise, and if you actually listen to his lyrics, you can see how talented he is, especially in the conversation between him and the "police".
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Gamejew themesong: it was free, so i downloaded it, its pretty *****deletes it*.

hell and high water - Blackstone Cherry: Another free song, but its pretty good, dosn't mean anything but free music.

You can have it all - Kaiser Chiefs: The only Indie band I listen to, but this song dosn't mean anything to me.

Seventh son of a seventh son - Iron Maiden: Finally, a song that actually means something to me. I love the way the lyrics of this song tell a story ans every riff is a classic.

Red for fire, Black for Death - Solefald: don't remeber putting this song on my itunes.
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1. Search Bar - Finding Stuff: I remember this song when I first came to UG, it struck me a lot as I love the inside facts that lurk within it, you should check that song out.

The other thread only asks you to list the songs, nothing else.
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1. kimi no tame ni dekiru koto - Gackt
Its an absolutely beautiful song with some brilliant vocal melodies. I it

2. Tempermental - Mr. Big
Not much to say here, wasn't really a big fan of this album. Alright song though

3. 23kid - 65daysofstatic
I was lent this album by a friend. It sounds great

4. War Inside My Head - Dream Theater
The vocals in this are great. Dream Theater are great!

5. Lava Twilight - InMe
One of the tracks from one of my favourite albums ever. If I haddn't heard songs from this album I probably wouldn't be playing bass
1. Uniform - Bloc Party
Absolutely STUNNING tune, much like their entire back catalogue. I especially love the dynamics in this song, how it changes almost magically from slow, melodious, vocal-driven verses to the loud, powerful bridge and ending. I'd recommend this song (and band) to anyone.

2. Separated By Motorways - The Long Blondes
Quite a fan of this infecetiously catchy indie-pop band. They are one of my girlfriend's favourite bands and she got me into them, so this song does actually mean a fair amount to me.

3. First Love - Maccabees
A good track. My favourite thing about the song and the band is the singer's voice, it sounds like it's about to crack at any minute, suiting the subject matter of the song very well.

4. 23 - Jimmy Eat World
I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard these guys, they were miles better than I was expecting them to be. Honestly, I don't tend to listen to the end of this album but I do know the song. Very nice use of strings in this track.

5. Coming Down - Switches
Ah, this track brings back some memories. I woke up with an incredible hangover on Saturday at this year's Glastonbury Festival and I could hear this band playing from the other stage. It was also quite sunny that morning. It was nice to sit in the tent, nursing my aching head to some jolly pop-rock.
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Plug In Baby - Muse

One of my favourite Muse tracks. The main riff is just kick ass. It's also one of the best mosh songs at a Muse gig, it reminds me of Wembley and just how crazy everyone went.

All The Love In The World - Nine Inch Nails

Opener to With Teeth, the first NIN album I bought, and it's a great song. Makes me think of my friend, so it means something I guess.

Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

Oh God, this song. This is my favourite song of all time. It is just musical perfection. Any change would make it worse. It reminds me of performing it at a school christmas concert. I never felt more at peace with the world than when playing the small solo guitar section.

One - Metallica

Amazing song, grown to love it recently. The video is cracking too, inspired me to read Johnny Got His Gun. I especially love the machine gun part.

Tarantula - Smashing Pumpkins

Belter of a tune, best off Zeitgeist IMO. Brilliant solos, especially on their Letterman performance.
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1. Erase the Grey - "Pariah" -- This song brings back some good memories from last year, when my old band, Awkward Silence, went to Spokane to play in a battle of the bands. The show itself ended up totally blowing ass, and we lost due to the contest being rigged, but hey, it was a fun trip.

2. Stereomud - "Perfect Self" -- Another one of those songs that brings back memories, this time of my high school days. This girl that was in my art class with me heard this song on my walkman one day, and really liked it. She ended up going out with one of my friends, him and her ran away together, she stole his car after they came back, and it turned out that she had tried running away from home like, 4 times in one year...she's crazy.

3. Coal Chamber - "Watershed" -- I remember really liking the "Dark Days" album when it first came out when I was 15. I recently listened to it again, and realized that it really isn't that good. C.C.'s previous two albums and anything from Devildriver blows this album away.

4. Dark New Day - "Heal in Time" -- Ahhh crap...this song reminds me of a really, REALLY painful long-distance relationship I was in a couple years ago. I won't go into a lot of gory details, but I will say this...long-distance relationships suck!

5. Primer 55 - "Hesitation" -- This song just kicks lots of ass, and I love the way they bring the funk feel and horns into metal, and meld it so seamlessly. And P55 is back together, and touring through Idaho in December...I'm definitely not missing that show!
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1985-Bowling for Soup: No Comment

We are the Champions-Queen:Awesome song

Polkarama!-Weird Al: Awesome too.

Sugar, We're Goin Down-Fall Out Boy: No Comment

I'm Not Okay-MCR: No Comment