Hello. I've been wanting to be able to get a more metal distortion sound lately. I've got a big muff and a ds-1 (which I don't want to get modded), which are both great, but neither is very good for metal. I want to get a metal pedal, but I hear a lot of bad things about them. A lot of people have told me that most metal pedals are absolute trash. I don't know why, though. I want to get something that has as much variety as possible. Something that can get a really deep and heavy metal rhythm tone and a screaming metal lead tone, but can also back off for something that's not as heavy (like Led Zeppelin, Coheed and Cambria, or Rush, or something).
Any recommendations? How are Boss's metal pedals? Can anyone tell me what the difference is between all the different Boss metal pedals (MT-2 Metal Zone, ML-2 Metal Core, the Mega Distortion one, ect.)?
I've been told by some people at a local shop that the line 6 Uber Metal Distorion is really good. Is this true?

My current set up is a cheap strat knock off guitar and a Fender FM 212R amp. I plan on upgrading within the next year or two hopefully, though. I want to get a guitar with humbuckers (I really like Gibson Explorers and Flying Vs) and eventually I hope to have a really nice amp, like a Mesa Boogie or something (in which case I'll just use the amp's distortion).
I know that Fender FrontMan's and Strats aren't exactly the most apt metal instruments, but it's all I've got right now, so I want to do my best with what I've got.
Thanks for any help.
supposedly the line 6 uber ones are really good but iv never head or tried one.
alot of people reccomend the EHX metal muff which is supposedly very good.
I love my JH-1 by Marshall - Tryed a couple Boss pedals and went with the JackHammer

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Stay away from the Boss dist. pedals for metal

I'd say the Metal Muff is within your budget/requirements but it's not THAT good for backing off to get classicrockish distortion
You may not have the equipment for metal right now so you may want to check out playing some Hendrix, which your gear will do ok. Good time to explore the roots of distortion guitar while waiting to get new equipment. I know this doesn't address your thread, but its just a thought. Try a little SRV too.
How much are you really willing to spend on a "Distortion Pedal". As you know a good distortion comes mainly from the amp.

I can recommend you some distortion pedals thats sounds good, but on the pricy side. Or you can save that money and buy a better amp which that will be more suited for hi-gain tones and sound better than any distortion pedal.
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Believe it or not you can get a good heavy metal tone out of an MT-2 Metal Zone if you have the right amp tone to start.

Many people completely discourage even thinking about buying an MT-2 Metal Zone, but I have a trick that many people never think of:

Instead of using the pedal by itself in the normal fashion, try to use it more as a pre-amp distortion. I use a B-52 AT-212 Tube combo with the MT-2 in my effects chain. I set the Level at a good 75% and the distortion COMPLETELY AT ZERO. If you mix that with a good tube distortion you can get some pretty awesome metal tones out of the pedal/amp.

I know you don't have the same amp as me, but here's a sample clip of how the pedal sounds in the mix with just it, the B52, and a Gibson Explorer:

mix that with a good tube distortion you can get some pretty awesome metal tones out of the pedal/amp.

An amp with a good tube distortion will pretty much sound good with pretty much any distortion pedal used as a boost.

But what do you think it'll sound like if you use the MT2 as a boost for his Fender FM?
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I own an uber metal and i'm about to sell it. they don't sound terrible, just kind of sterile.

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metal muff
uber metal

although the great distortions are the ones coming from the amp (as said above)
metal muff FTW!
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mt-2 is good... rocktron silver dragon is good if u know what you're doing (i.e. don't set the intensity knob higher than 9 o'clock, it's not necessary to go any higher and it'll hiss a lot)... if you have cash to burn look at the Damage Control Solid Metal unless you play really scooped stuff. i'd get a better amp b4 going for that one though. ml-2 is ok.
Okay, so it seems like the metal muff is pretty well loved here.
To tell the truth, I've wondered it the metal muff might be what I need. I'd expect it to have enough low end tones for a strat seeing as how boomy the Big Muff is. It seems like the Metal Muff is really quite a pedal, with the top boost function and the built in EQ and all.
I just wonder, is it an actual distortion, or a fuzz like the Big Muff? Because the Big Muff has horrible tone for metal, except for maybe leads (but it's freaking great for everything else). Can anyone provide me with a clip of the Metal Muff in action or anything?
try before you buy. I thought i would love the metal muff based off of what everyone says but ive used it for maybe a total of like 1 hour since i bought it and im looking to sell it actually. the top boost only works on very low settings (unless you don't like tone)
You can get a pretty decent metal sound from the DS-1 if you use it correctly in combination with your amp - i.e. don;t just wack the dist. up ful on the pedal, it wants to be just under 3 o'clock, tone wants to be between 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock (dependant on taste) and level full. Amp you'll want to stick treble at 12 o'clock, mid at 1 o'clock, bass between 11 and 12 o'clock (that's right, flat eq man) then crank the level on the the channel and keep the volume low-ish (if being mic'd up)
I have the Metal Muff and it's the best I've ever owned, period. it is WAY better than a regular Big Muff, imo. the 6 knobs are so very touch sensitive that you can get a lot of great sounds from it. other distortion pedals I've owned:

Pro Co Rat (WAY too bassy, like the mids are scooped out and no way to control it)
Ibanez Tubescreamer (this is the great drive pedal, but NOT for metal)
Boss SD-1 (pretty good, but not as good as the Tubescreamer, though similar)
Boss Blues Driver (too similar to the SD-1 to be almost $100, not that great imo)
Boss OS-2 (good for mixing drive and distortion together, but the drive is better than the dist and it's a little hollow for hard metal)

I've also ordered a Digitech DF-7 just for the different kind of models it offers, but I DON'T expect that it will be better than the Metal Muff.
Quote by philipisabeast
Stay away from the Boss dist. pedals for metal

I'd say the Metal Muff is within your budget/requirements but it's not THAT good for backing off to get classicrockish distortion

if you dial in the right settings on the metal muff, then yes, it is definately doable for less distorted stuff. plus it has the top boost for your leads.
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I'd recommend the Tech21 Sansamp GT2, but if you're gonna spend this much, might as well save the money and get a new amp later.
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im kind of in the same situation i play songs by august burns red, all that remains, atreyu stc im looking at the DigiTech Scott Ian Black-13 Artist Series Modeler Pedal people say this is for diehard anthrax fans is that so?
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