Anyone have any ideas about how to write a brilliant personal statement for my university application?

What did u write in ur personal statement and what kind of questions did u get asked in the interview?

Btw, I'm applying to do medicine and need some good ideas to get me noticed by the universities cus at the mo I'm seriously blank...
I wrote about how I like to skateboard.
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I think theres a thread on this already but i'm a nice person so here goes:

Try to write something that relates to what you want to do (in your case medicine) so try to write about why you enjoy medicine and what you've done outside of school to follow that enjoyment. Include extra-curricular activities if you do some (guitar probably :P ) and try and write why you would be an asset to that uni.
Yeah, there's already a thread on this, search for it

EDIT: Good luck with medicine, my ex girlfriend's doing it at King's College. She got a distinction for her first AND second year: that girl is a MACHINE.
Yeah i have to do mine as well...


So many people are applying for doctors like half my year in school is going for medicine, the world is going to be overrun with them and the pay is ****e at the start with 3 day shifts!

I wish you best of luck with that.
^good point.

The problem I have right now is that I got ACCC in my AS-levels because in each subject I took I got an A in the first module but a D or something in the other modules which bought my grades down so I have to retake some of my exams in Januray BUT I'll have the interview a month before I can re-take my exams so I'm not sure they'll accpet me cus I need higher grades.

Is there any way of showing them that I'm a perfect candidate making them give me a place short of holding a gun to the interviewers nut's (yes, some women have nuts too.)

and yeah, sorry for not using the search bar, I forgot.
Write about why mudkipz are so cool, and what kind of attacks they perform.
Try and relate whatever you put in the statement about why want to do it, your interest in it and why you'd be good at it.

So write about why you want to do medicine, what you hope to achieve studying it and what you will bring to the course.

I know the feeling, I'm applying for English and trying to stretch 'I like reading' to 4000 characters feels cheesy and pointless.
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I wrote about how much I wanna care for people, because I was in hospital for much of my early life, and want to help other people the way I was helped.

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I thought so too...

Writing about how much of a prodigy I am makes me feel abit weird cus I tend to put other people first so I'm finding writing it hard.
What about interviews?!?

What kind of questions were you asked and what did you say that could have helped your position?
if you've done voluntary work in somewhere like a hospice that should help(not cos it makes you sound like a nice person, but because you've been around sick/dying people)

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