I'm not sure exactly where this belongs, but I guessed advanced techniques due to the fact it's advanced for me. xP I'm looking to find a way to get the grunge/rasp voice Metallica's song I Disappear h as. Mainly I love the "Hey Hey Hey"'s. But then I want to cover it, so I need to sing it like he does. I can do it, but it really hurts my throat, thus I think I'm doing it wrong. The only way for me to actually scream is really emo and loud. Like there's no real way for me to "overdrive" my voice unless I push it to the point people miles away can hear it. So, any suggestions?
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when you cover a song, make it your own. covers are boring when theyre copies of the original
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i think its just all in the person whos singing it, some people can do it some people cant, when i do it i just sing from my throat more than from my stomach or my lungs, you understand that? like when you want to sing something loud and powerful you have to dig down right into the bottom of your stomach and blast it out, whilst that style i generally sing from my throat its very hard to explain and i dont think im doing a very good job at explaining it.
1 - you should always sing in YOUR voice, not somebody elses.
2 - you're just a kid, that being the case you aren't going to be able to replicate the vocal sound of an adult, you simply don't have theequipment...and you shouldn't try, chances are you'll only end up damaging your voice.
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