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good guitar, somewhot major problem
28 67%
****ty gutiar, fairly minor problem
13 31%
Voters: 42.
so would you rather have, for your only guitar,
a really nice, good guitar, with i pretty major problem,
or a ****ty squier or something with a smallish problem.
Need an example of each problem.
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Oh idk, like...
a good guitar that was innacuratly routed,
or a squier with all stripped saddles.

idk thats not that great of an example. it's not that difficult a question spefics aren't really neccessary.
I think the TS wants us to choose between something like the following example:

Randy Rhoads Flying V with a cracked neck


Basic Yamaha guitar with a couple scratches and loose wiring with the pickups.
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Bit of a crap guitar with a minor problem, because then I'd get a nice new GOOD guitar and REALLY look forward to it, as opposed to being annoyed at spending another large amount of money for a marginally better guitar, only fixed.
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Who needs a good guitar with a broken neck? Cheap and cheerful FTW!

My cheap Ibanez is cheap. And I love it.

nooo not ibanez cheap, squier/target guitar cheap.
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nooo not ibanez cheap, squier/target guitar cheap.

mine's 230 euros. I've seen squiers costing more than that.

Seriously, your question doesn't give much of a choice. It's like asking if you would rather have a Mercedes (without wheels) or a Skoda.
It's pointless having something cool if you can't use it.
i'd choose the randy roads v with the cracked neck, i mean they have bolt ons right?? so i can just change the neck

me^ ^SLASH

Good guitar, which i will than sell on ebay and buy a quality ibanez with no problems
I'm sick of people knocking on Squier >=[

I mean, I have a Squier, and I've had it since 2003, and it's STILL a more reliable guitar than my Dean, which isn't exactly sh!tty. My stepdad has a Squier that still sounds amazing, and he's had it for more than 15 years.

So, I'll take the Squier with the minor problem.
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i'd choose the randy roads v with the cracked neck, i mean they have bolt ons right?? so i can just change the neck

The A-Merican ones are neck-thrus. And I presume the threadstarter meant those, as they're the best ones in the series.