Hey folks. My account is new to UG but I have read the rules and the list so on and so forth so hopefully I won't get spanked. Anywho, A few months ago I discovered the beauty of what is commonly reffered to as math metal. But not just any math metal band, it was MESHUGGAH. Meshuggah has opened up a lot of doors to my musical endeavors. I was wondering if anybody knew of some other good mathematically oriented metal bands. And please don't tell me about the dillinger escape plan because I checked them out and their sound is very scene. My ears do not accept this "scene".
Try tech death. It's got a lot of similarities to math metal in that it has complex time signatures, abrupt tempo changes, etc. Try:

Spawn of Possession
Sleep Terror

For similarities to Meshuggah, I've heard that the band The End is good.
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Just for future reference, you should ask for recommendations in the Official Metal Recommendation Thread, the first posts outline good bands of different genres (though math metal isn't one of them) and to get a more detailed and unique recommendation, just ask in the thread.

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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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yeah, Rec. thread.

But to answer your question, Wormed is quite technical, they don't sound too similar..but Wormed is just so awesome...
what is mathmetal..... theres way to many metal categrories these days. I heard dragonforce refered to as "Nintendo Metal"
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what is mathmetal..... theres way to many metal categrories these days. I heard dragonforce refered to as "Nintendo Metal"

dragonforce is not "nintendo metal", it's just called speed metal.

and i would also like to know what math metal is.
To the best of my abilities I will try to describe math metal but no one has described it to me either so someone else ight step in and correctly reinterpret what I am trying to say:

math metal is heavily mathematically oriented metal (which I'm sure that you figured out that part for yourself). It is comprised of complex and for the most part unusual musical structures, patterns and timing. A really cool thing about this genre is that you HAVE to be paying complete attention to it or in your head it will sound off beat or perhaps even annoying. That happenned to me a long time ago with (who would have thought) Meshuggah. I heard their song Autonomy lost and I was like "wtf?!?! This makes no sense!!" If you hear that song you will immediately recognize the math in all of it. Long song too.