why did they change their name (and arguably sound) to 'The Future'? very strange! i listened to them ages ago but forgot about them, they don't exist anymore, but they do!?
i think what happened (it all happened v quietly) is that hondo started work on the second album, but quickly realised that with the keyboards and all that the sound was evolving, and rather than try and progress under the hondo maclean banner, they changed the name. the sound was changing anyway, so the name change was, i guess, so as to be free from expectations about the musical output. i prefer hondo too.

i did see the future live a few months back (first cardiff gig, apparently), and they were alright but not as energetic as they were when ive seen them as hondo.

but to confirm what youre saying - hondo maclean doesnt exist anymore but the members have carried on and evolved into 'the future', and the sound has also changed. no arguments about that, it was a conscious decision.

EDIT: by 'energetic', i dont mean that they had lost energy or cared any less about the music, i just dont think the music they're making is anywhere near as dynamic or engaging as what they made with hondo.
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mmm, its a real shame! i remember seeing them with Secondsmile and your right, they were very wild ATDI style.
Hondo's style would be more dated now, I think. I love The Future from what I've heard so far. They releasing a record anytime soon??