I think that song could be one i was hearing often if there was drums bass and so on
I thought it was alright aside from the atrocious quality. I think id enjoy it more if i heard drums and bass backing it up. Overall not bad.
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Necrophagist how could all you n00bs forget the best german metalcore band ever. i think theyre tech metalcore tho or sumfin
I can't get drums or bass in the background, because I don't have a drum kit or a bass, and I don't know anyone that does either.
you could DL a drum track software, like frootyloops, so u can make your own drum track.

some cool riffs tho, aweful quality, but still sounded alright. would sound awesome if recorded better and if there were drums and bass. keep it up, got some good stuff to work with.
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makes me wanna headbang!!!!!! nice pinch harmonix in the intro, that second one at like 8seconds is amazing

dude throw some double bass and a really trebley bass in there and you got a pefect metal song....ooo and vocals

lol, i heard BYOB in there and inspector gadget
nice metal riffs in there tho, i would love to hear a good quality version of that song


Cool thanks man, anyone else got anything to say, before this thread dies?