I'm in the process of laying out (at least in my head) a system for doing recording with. I am very familiar with PC's but this whole DAW business is something new.

I have been looking at the M Audio Delta 44 setup. The specs for this say "4x4 analog break-out box accepts balanced or unbalanced connections
on 1/4 in. tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) jacks."

My question as dumb as it may seem is, what kind of connection is this? Are they the same electronically as the Line IN Line Out as standard on audio gear? Are they instrument type inputs and outputs, either high impedence or low impedence? I know there are differences electronically between the Line stuff and the instrument stuff. I'd just like to know so as to be able to plan all this out.


a TRS is a stereo phone type jack...these being 1/4" like a guitar cable but with 2 contact points compared to two in your guitar cord.

These are all mono inputs so you would need two for stereo effects and all.

Here's a link on balanced and unbalanced
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Read the link posted above, as well as the entire post at it answers your question well. In summary the M-audio soundcard accepts both TS (unbalanced, stands for "Tip Sleeve") and TRS (balanced, stands for "Tip Ring Sleeve) on the same input as the tips of these sort of connects are essentially the same with the addition of a ring on the TRS connections. In other words you can plug both a guitar cable or a line level audio cable into the mentioned input(s).
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