Hey everyone,
This is a metal song that i wrote and recorded recently. I think its got some potential to be a good song, but theres something missing from it. So any constructive crit you can give to me would be really realllly appreciated.
Oh yeah, and its not that song from Ninja Turtles, i just thought it was a funny name

Its at
and called "Go Ninja Go Ninja GO!"

And ill crit anyone else who wants some crit.

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not bad
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i dont think the intro is catchy enough to really grab attention, i liked the solo bit around 1:40, it has some good ideas in it and the end of that is also very interesting if you had something like that at the beggining it would make the intro more interesting.
It's a bit boring to be honest. A catchy title won't save the song unfortunetely. It needs vocal, and a better toned guitar. Maybe a little bit of chaning throughout? A key change or pace change perhaps?
Hmm, well i really liked the bits played a 0:59 and 1:38 but the intro seems to last just a bit to long to me, and i was expecting it to suddenly speed up, or break up with a lot of noise but nothing much happens. i think maybe make it a little bit shorter over all and change up the playing more often during the song

Overall i liked it ^_^ not enough to download it and add it to my collection of music but it was well worth listening to,
Thanks for the help guys.
I know somethin needs to be done in the starting there. Im gonna try and fixer up today.
Thanks again, i really appreciate it.
Any music you dudes want some crit on just let me know.