Ok, so basically my home room class sucks, and I couldn't stand being with my home room class for a full year round. (I'm in grade 9 - its my last year of middle school. Grade 10 is high school here) So I made the stupidest excuse to join band, so I could switch home room classes to where my friends are. So the band teacher was cool enough to let me join, but I feel pretty awful because I can't read notes, and the band teacher passes me this sheet for guitar in SHEET MUSIC FORM.

Soo, does anyone know any good music theory books for beginners that teach the basics and all? Or even some good websites would be great.

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yah. i got the complete idiots guide to music theory. but theyre the same type of book. they teach great.
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Music Theory book I'm using was actually issued by my Music Theory class in school. "Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory" came with a CD and everything. should be pretty good, but then again it's like 50 bucks for a copy and of course you have to order it from an official place and whatnot, so the "dummies" series probably will work the best.

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Also, if you need to learn to sight read on guitar, William Leavitt's Complete Method for Guitar (published by Berklee Press) is excellent.
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