alright I accidentally posted this in the lyrics forum, and I feel bad about that, but now that I'm in the right thread, I can finally ask this question. I'm doing a project on songwriting and lyrics, and I need your help. I want to find some artists that had a certain way of writing and maybe a unique way of doing things. I'm also looking for the way that you guys write, if you just sit down and write, or you have to go through a certain "ritual" for lack of a better word to write. So It's up to you out there I really want this project to rock really hard, so I could use some help from the masters. I want to use this list of songwriters in my project:

John Lennon/Paul McCartney
Roger Waters/David Gilmour
Jimmy Paige/Robert Plant
Geddy Lee
Buddy Guy
Eric Clapton
Pete Townsend
Bob Dylan
Kurt Cobain
John Coltrane
B.B. King
and the one that has inspired my project

Syd Barret

thanks in advance for the help, and information,

personally i just think about a subject, like the war for example, then just write down words that come to my mind. once i'm out of a blind rage about the war, i look at the words and it just flows. i'd help you with the artists, but idk those bands as much as others, and i don't have the information. good luck with your project.
I.. get extremely drunk and sing .. my mates write it down
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For Bob's there's a book full of interviews which he talks about his process from a couple of years ago. Interesting read.
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Personally, I just right down stuff when I think of it, whether it be at 7 at night, or at 4 in the morning. I might look into those guys songwriting techniques at a later time, but maybe not...
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i'm really starting to think that dave grohl has his songwriting down to a t. cause.....well has there every really been a bad foo fighters album?
Geddy doesn't write any lyrics, except for the first album which was mostly just bluesy based stuff.

Neil is the lyricist, and I know that he wears a cowboy hat while writing his songs because "nobody can take themselves too seriously in a cowboy hat" (He mentioned something like that in Travelling Music I think.)
roger waters and david gilmour. well that goes through a lot of different periods. once syd barret left i was basically every man for himself as far as writing songs went netween waters and wright. gilmour had a few credits but didn't really shine through until meddle. then obscured by clouds came, then dark side of the moon. For the first time, roger did all the lyrics and some of the music while Richard and David focused mostly on the music. (Waters did get full credit for a few songs though.) Wish you were here roger continued to do all the lyrics while three of them wrote the music together for SOYCD. wish you were here was gilmour/waters while Have a Cigar and Welcome to the Machine were waters alone. Animals was all waters except Dogs which gilmour helped with. The Wall was all waters except for a few credits to goilmour and one to there producer.
You need a starting point, a point of interest to you that you want to right about.

That can be anything, such as emotions, events, people, or just nothing.

Usually you can just keep writing if you know what you're writing about.

And when I say you I mean me.
no, I'm not looking for ways that I write, I'm looking for the ways that famous writers write. Not that you didn't help though, it does. And Private, thank you I was looking for information on Floyd, but I just couldn't find any, and it was really getting to me.
I know Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, invisions things in his heads and just plays the stuff he heards in his head. For the instrumental song 'Mellion Collie and the Infinte Sadness', he was learning to play piano and he just started playing that and it was the first piece he wrote on the piano.
Kurt Cobain just played all the time trying to come up with riffs, which he would then make into songs if he liked them. Like 'About a Girl', he was listening to the Beatles, then decided to try and write a song in the Beatles style. He would often come up with riffs on an acoustic guitar in the morning after waking up.

i'm really starting to think that dave grohl has his songwriting down to a t. cause.....well has there every really been a bad foo fighters album?

Remember, he's not the only one in the Foo Fighters. For the In Your Honor album, i think, he said the band would jam out ideas and then record them. Then they would play around around with those ideas, and see which ones worked and which ones didn't. Then, they would come up with the ideas that worked and Dave would arrange them and write the lyrics to them. He would present it to the band afterwards, where they play them and see if there need to be changes. After that, they have a final list of songs ready to be recorded in the studio.
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that'll help too, I have a couple of foo fighter fans in my advisory, it should be good. My deadline is thursday morning, and I'm just a bit nervous about getting all of this typed up and my songs recorded