whats that south park episode called that has the kids training for the hockey game and the little kid that had cancer?
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Stanley's Cup
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that was a wonderful episode.
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Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
Not as good as the one where Cartman thinks he's an Indonesian prostitute...

"Sucky-sucky five dolla"
or the one with Chef's parents when he's getting married. "I need about tree fiddy"
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i like the micheal jackson one and the one where jimmy and timmy join the crips.
I love South Park, but I don't like that episode. The kid had cancer for crying out loud.

But the best south park episode is scott tenorman must die! first I was like "whatttt?" and then I was like "lollorofllolorflo"
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Are we going to get cancer too?
I don't want cancer!
Anyways, I didn't find that episode fun. Don't mess with cancer
Stanley's cup is genius! I love that episode.

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"we need a CANADIAN!!!"

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i love thedog the bounty hunter one
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Lol at the end of the south park movie, when Kenny takes off his hood and goes to heaven I shed a tear
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Darren you rock.

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You win sir

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I LOVE South Park. Eleven Seasons and i still havent found one episode that wasn't ****ing hilarious, unlike the Simpsons. I really hope they keep making more after season 12.

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Lol at the end of the south park movie, when Kenny takes off his hood and goes to heaven I shed a tear

Thats the only movie that actually made me cry at the end.
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