Hey y'all I've only been practicing for a month, roughly, and took my first lesson last week. I had planned on teaching myself [from various sources- be it, the internet, buddies, literature, and most of all aquiring a comfort level by applying what I am learning to my actual practicing (which is about 2 hours per day)]. I'm just looking for some input from experienced players regarding the benefits of taking lessons. I realize that ultimately everyone teaches themselves, but I'm engaging this more as a form of guidance to prevent the formation of bad habits and for exercises that will bear a sweeter fruit than relying on my own teachings... Any replies would be appreciated. Cheers.
taking lessons is the best way to excelerate your progress as a musician, I say stay the course 'till you think you've learned enough from your teacher, which would probably be about a year.
^I agree. I'm self tought and I've been playing for nearly 4 years now, but I don't know a damn thing about technique or how to read notes. I rely on tabs and scales to help me play stuff like Dream Theater or something. I truly believe that if I used a teacher I'd be twice as good as I am now. But in the long run it's all up to you.
Getting lessons is worth it if you want to learn music theory really. Everything else you can pretty much teach yourself. Music Theory is hard to learn self taught. That's what I am doing now, but I think I'm getting it.
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Get a teacher, they're so much better in the long run. They're a great with theory.
A teacher will help hugely with learning theory, and getting the basics down.

Really though once you've been playing for probably about a year or so (depends of course on how skillful you are and how much you practise), you probably won't need a teacher any more. Once you've learnt the core stuff (which most people manage in around a year, maybe a bit more or less depending on the person), all you can really do is repeat it over and over and refine it, and that's not something a teacher can really help you with.
My teacher has helped a ton..I don't really get what these people are saying about taking lessons for only a yaer or so. i've had lessons from this one guy for over 2 years and i'm still learning a lot. maybe i just got lucky.
I like having a teacher. I'm on my third teacher now, and through every teacher I've always brought in songs or said "I want to learn..." and they've taught me. I think they kinda push you a little, in a good way. Encourage you. But I think sometimes you get to a point where you wanna try things by yourself. I've tried learning on my own, but it's easier for me to learn with somebody else actually showing me and correcting me. each to their own.