Saxes kick ass, so I think we need a thread dedicated to the discussion of the insturment. If this is in the wrong place/doesn't belong here/whatever, just close it mods.

So to get things started, what kind of saxes does everyone play? I play alto and some tenor.
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i play alto. im not really interested in playing the lower ones. id love a soprano sax, i think they're wonderful.
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I played tenor and baritone in high school, currently play a 70's King Cleveland alto and have an old Conn school horn tenor that sounds like crap, I retired it when the pads went belly up. I'd like to get another good tenor, I'm actually more comfortable with it, but those things cost more than guitars...and I'm not too good at it anyway.
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if this gets closed,lets move to the pit
i'm starting to play alto in music class.
i know alot of theory,so i think if i can learn the notes,i should be able to get going fairly well...i'd like to try using it in a metal context
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just close it mods.

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