In my music theory class my teacher said that we could bring in songs with odd time signatures

I always knew soundgarden had wierd timing but I dont which songs they are...

So if anybody could give me some songs that'd be great
Money by Pink Floyd
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Take Five by the Dave Brubeck Quartet is in 5/4
Fuer Elise by Beethoven is in 3/4 (I think not all of it)
Diary of a Madman parts by Randy Rhoads are in 9/8

many songs of Annihilator, Dream Theater and Metallica are odd time.
brign in some death/black metal

"...and now 9/8 and oh wait back to 14/32 and so on..."
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3/4 isnt really much of an odd time signature, but yeah dream theater use loads of weird ones
March of the Fire Ants by Mastadon has the opening riff that is in 13/8
Pink Floyd Money is in 7/8
Metallica Orion, the bass breakdown is in 3/8
House of the Rising Sun by the Animals is in 6/8
Some Skunk Funk by the Brecker Brothers, goes through a few different time signatures.
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anything by rush... specifically YYZ
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Mastodon's song Wolf is Loose has about 3 time signatures in it....I kno one of them is 9/8, idk about the rest. the fast bridge riff is in 9/8. I think alot of Blood Mountain is in time sigs other than 4/4.
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