Today at work I felt as if I was about to pass out from being so tired. I took a 15 minute break and decided that I would try a Monster, to see if they actually work. I proceeded outside after going through self checkout. I then opened the Monster and took a sip, horrible. I then went to my lovely car and sat there drinking it; the taste grew on me. After about 30 minutes I felt the lovely effects of the drink and was stunned on how it made me feel. It made me lightheaded, but never have I been so energetic in my life before.

I personally don't drink any type of carbonated drinks, but I was extremely tired, and I wouldn't really count this as one. In reality, it's like 3 times worse than a coke, but it also helped me stay awake and more alert, unlike cokes.

In conclusion, I believe I'll stick to my water on my breaks from now on. While Monster did in fact help me stay awake, I believe it was too much for my body, as I'm pretty small. I thought I'd share this with y'all.

I didn't read over this, as I'm fixing to go and eat, so ignore any spelling and grammar errors.

Cheers! =)
Energy drinks don't make me feel great now. I like drinking them but I wouldn't say that I was addicted lol.

I have one when I am extremely tired or going to a show, but drinking those things routinely can't be good.
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I like red bull, but when I even smell monster i want to puke.
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Coffee > Energy Drinks.

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All energy drinks taste like ass, IMO.

Rooster Booster, my friend. It tastes like Eva Longoria naked, nailing sweep arpeggios on a solid gold PRS autographed by Randy Rhoads and Dimebag Darrell.
The taste of monster grew on me, then I tried the orange one (Kaos, I think) and became totally addicted.

Has anyone tried Red Line? You have to be over 18 to buy it and "consult your physician before use." I had 4 ounces of one and worked a 16 hour overnight shift without a problem. Made me super jittery though.