Hey. Does anyone have an URGE subscription? For anyone unfamiliar with it, it's basically iTunes built into Windows Media Player 11. I was going to purchase some tracks from there, but then I noticed the subscription option and read up a little bit on it.

Supposedly you can pay ten bucks a month and download and listen to whatever music you want, you just can't burn it to a CD, but you can use it on compatible MP3 players. You can listen to the music as long as you keep up a subscription and there are no limits. That's what I got from what I read. (but once you drop the subscription you can't listen to it anymore?)

Basically, am I correct about this, does anyone have any experience with it? If so, should I go for it? I rarely burn, ok, almost never burn music to a CD, and just listen to stuff at my PC and on my Creative Zen. If my Zen is compatible, should I go for it?
i dont personaly have experience in it, but if it is aa problem with "when u end subscription you cant listen to music anymore" i think the answer to that is using software like wiretap pro which enables you to record what ever is being played through your soundcard. So then you can save it seperatly and listen to it / burn it /share it with no limits
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Check into their music selection.

It's quite good. Has my entire current music library, and a ton of albums I've been thinking about buying.

It kind of seems like a no-brainer to do it, but does anyone actually USE it, just wondering if there are any unexpected problems or catches.
rhapsody > URGE same feautres as you described but more music selection. Get Rhapsody to go btw... I think its 14$$/mo though
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