hi, i was wonering....

1. what is the difference between pickups like this:
and ones like this:
and these:

2. what kind of music is each best for

3. is it easy to switch from one type of pickup to another

Thanks alot
The first one is an active humbucker

The second one is an passive humbucker

the third one is a single coil.

Typically speaking, if you have a humbucker spot in your guitar you have to put a humbucker in there. If you do not have Active pickups (basically if you don't have EMG's) you're going to want to go with the second one, or else you will have to route your guitar.

The third one is a single coil, it will give you more of a twangy sound but also more buzz when your using it.

THe first one is best for metal\hard rock, the second one everything, the third one everything.
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the third one shouldnt give the buzz while using it, as its stacked magnets that eliminate 60 cycle hum (i think)
to sum everything up really...
1-metal/hard rock
3-anything except metal
it all depends on the particular sound you want tho
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