For my school project I have to write a paper or make a video about any event in American history that deals with conflict and compromise. I thought of the Civil War or the Cold War, but neither of them are “jumping out at me”. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas. Thanks!
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If not that, then how about 1750 - 1900.
The conflict of the indians and the settlers, and how it was eventually resolved (well....ish)
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what about the whole martin luther king jr. stuff?
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vietnam.jimi hendrix was in the servie or somethin at that time

it was also a big topic music wise in the 60's
Think outside the box! I don't know much about American history in detail but I'd avoid the obvious wars and things. Maybe Women's Suffrage or something?
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what about the whole martin luther king jr. stuff?

Hey, that's a good idea.
If you wanna do war stuff though, how about the Vietnam?
Kennedy and the cuban missile crisis / bay of pigs?
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Do something on the Cuban Missle crisis, or the Invasion of Panama. and possibly that time Clinton bombed the aspirin factory thinking it was a weapons of mass destruction factory...god he screwd up