hi everyone,

it's great been unbanned and i've got a few questions...

so the singer in ma band just got an acoutasonic30 fender amp for her vocals
and for acoutsics... we've don a couple gigs but the problem is that if we put
the volume to high it star screeching so what can we do so it dosen't screech?

i have an other question... could we plug in a cab on that amp?? let's say we would be giging and we would need more volume could we add an like a 2X12??


step away from the amp, and if there's feedback while using the acoustic, you'll need a soundhole cover.
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It's a 30W SS amp. It's small for an acoustic coffee house set-up, it's way too small to gig with a band. That's why it's squealing, it's not designed to be cranked that loud. I googled it (which you might've tried), I don't see where it has a jack for an extension cab.
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if u run vocals and guitar thru it, u're cutting the volume.
then when u try to up the volume, u're getting feedback.

not enough watts like said. stand far from and put the amp in front of and facing away from you.

look into small PA systems.

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