Hey yall, are you sposed to increase pitch by pulling trem up on this guitar? Im guessing so cos u can..! But how much-as in how much force is advisable? I like the bridge set quite high making this possible. Cheers!
are you talking a regular strat style trem or a floyd rose style? because some strats do come with floyd rose's...
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To clarify, are you talking about a 2 point or a vintage trem?
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Used to be able to pull trem up- just had another spring put in and trem unit lowered tho so not at mo. My question is is it supposed to be used liek this tho? Any answers appreciated guys!
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It's not meant to be pulled up on, but you can set it up so it can. The problem is the action will be high and you will have serious intonation issues. If you want to pull up, you're really going to need a floating trem.

According to Leo Fender's patent diagram of the Strat tremolo, you're wrong. The original 6 point bridge was always intended to float. Locking it down to the guitar's top was an afterthought because most don't have the patience to deal with it. If you set the unit up properly and really make an effort at understanding string vs. spring tension, you will not have tuning issues.