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I recently got the album Riders of The Plague by The Absense (incredible cd btw) and i was all pumped to learn some of their stuff but low and behold...... theres no tabs. After getting over my dreams being shattered i made this thread so i can hear about all of UG's lost dreams.

Born of Osiris and bloodjinn are two of my favorite bands and theres no tabs for them anywhere
Theres only a few Stevie Ray Vaughan so many good songs are not tabbed, its a shame.
Tom Waits! (last time I checked....)

EDIT: , epic phail on my part there's 92 tabs for him
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Tower of Power... i love Rocco's bass lines but can't find tabs anywhere.
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Yeah, just the one I was going to's too bad, they did some great stuff....
The Meat Puppets

Actually there are a few tabs but none for the good basslines
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Little Barrie and Hopewell.
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Darkest Hour doesn't have a whole lot of good tabs.
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Agalloch: There's only a few Power Tabs and Guitar Pro (which I don't want to pay for) tabs.
Wintersun: Again only Guitar Pro for most songs.
Scar Symmetry: Again.
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Do you folks like folk?
Himsa has some tabs. But not enough
Anterior has a few, but again not enough.
Five Finger Death Punch
Kill Hannah has a bunch, but not enough either lol
Sinai Beach
God Dethroned
The Avett Brothers
Acid Bath
Flee The Seen
Dax Riggs
Bleed The Sky
Backseat Goodbye
Madina Lake
a band featured in a tony hawk game called An Endless Sporadic, also Aurelius, which is an amazing Instrumental Metal band. The An Endless Sporadic song is called Sun of Pearl, and the Aurelius song is called Hemlock. if any1 wants to tab them for me, it would rock.
Eric Johnson and Mike Stern
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Good choice.

Halifax, for me. There are some tabs but no good songs
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In This Moment
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Jason Aldean
The Descendants
Operation Ivy

Can't find any good song tabs for them
The Pit. The Movie.
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Hardest tabs to find, or at least accurate transcriptions are for Candyrat guitarists.
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There aren't many Ataxia tabs. Even a basic guideline would help. I'm useless at that sort of thing and they're brilliant improv songs.
Screaming Mechanical Brain and Gamejew/Johnathan Mann even though his stuff is really easy, I'd just rather not have to try and figure it all out on my own.
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Arent many gojira tabs and the ones there are seem to be tabbed in drop d despite them playing in d standard but whatever, also there arent as many decapitated tabs as i would like, so im tabbing out Nihility this week when im bored so ill have that up at some point.
THUNDER, i cant understand why there are so few of them, i ve done a couple myself and i am going to add more when i get a chance.
Dixie Dregs (theres 20 but they have like 14 albums...!)
Any jazz artist
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