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0 0%
Ful Metal Alchemist
0 0%
Neon Genesis Evangelion
1 5%
1 5%
Cowboy Bebop
4 20%
Ghost in a Shell
2 10%
Dragonaball Z
5 25%
0 0%
3 15%
6 30%
Voters: 20.
imo its a tie between the akira ost for its primal vibe, the ghost in the shell ost specially "lithium flower" and the cowboy bebop ost, but if i had to choose one i'd go for the gits ost
Cowboy Bebop and ONE PIECE. Though I may just be too obsessed with One Piece XD
rock the dragon! i remember that song.
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Evangelion all the way.
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A lot of people say Naruto when I ask, but I think the soundtrack sux, "Sadness and Sorrow" is the only good song in the show. The Dragonball Z soundtrack is so much better!
DBZ Opening rocks. I actually liked that song . A lot of anime soundtracks suck (even though I like anime).
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad has the best soundtrack easily.
cowboy bebop soundtrack is about old fashioned music, the mixture of blues, bluegrass, samba, jazz, rock , big band music..
and the great thing is that the author didn`t choose some songs randomly, `oh i like tom waits, i`ll put him in the movie..` the music is composed only because of the cowboy bebop and it`s absolutely great..though cb is settled in 22th century, the soundtrack would say 1950s to 70s or sth.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw i just luv bebop.
Am I really the only dude that voted for EVA?

Cowboy bebop kics ass, but I listen to the EVA soundtrack a lot more...
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Cowboy Bebop you fags. No question.
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