My friend just bought a Digitech Whammy Pedal off eBay. He said it was the old one, not the reissue or the newer model. I can't compare it to anything, so I don't know the difference. My friend also owns a Line 6 amp that has built in effects. I've listened to them. They're pretty cool (and loud). I was thinking of getting one myself when my friend tried to play with the pedal. The distortion on the amp was gone! It was like it wasn't there. My friend had to turn up his amp a significant way just to hear something distorted. Also, there were weird pops in his playing that I've never noticed before when he used to play. What is the deal? Is that just the pedal's way, or is it the amp, or is it the effects? Also, it sounded kinda nasally. Just wondering. Thanks
sounds like he needs to change the battery in the pedal or switch to an external power source
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If it's a Line 6 Spider, they are renowned for not taking pedals well...I'm talking standard pedals...so I have no idea how it should be taking a Whammy Pedal.

Oh, if you're thinking of getting a Spider, don't, but that's a different debate.
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Sounds like he got the XP100, not the original whammy. Is there any mention of a wah on the pedal?
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