I just bought my first slide. Does anyone have any recommendations for what would be some good songs to practice with?
Led Zeppelin's "In My Time Of Dying" is the one I'm trying to learn at the moment. If you're looking for artists, yeah, Allman Brothers, George Thorogood, some Pink Floyd stuff....
my teacher gave me "What is and what should never be" by Led Zeppelin to work on my slide playing. it's not really difficult, the only thing i struggle with is just making my slide sound clean. I suggest learning the solo first without the slide though, it makes it easier.
Can't believe no one recommended Free Bird yet.
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Led Zeppelin's "In My Time Of Dying" is the one I'm trying to learn at the moment.

Try open G tuning if you haven't already, that's the tuning originally used, and it works a lot better. It can be played in standard tuning, but you have to muffle the bottom string, and don't get the little lick when it goes to the octave where he adds a note a third up. That's really difficult to do in standard tuning and make it sound right. In Open G it's just the bottom string in the same position as the underlying chord. The chords work out a lot better too, you can get the bass notes in there that don't work with standard tuning. They're all just barred on one fret.

Page used open G for several things - In My Time of Dying, Bron Y Aur Stomp, That's the Way and some others. I'm pretty sure he used some other tunings, the song Friends is in a different tuning I know, I just can't remember what, it's been a long time since I tried to play it.

For slide tunes, a lot of George Thorogood tunes work quite well, mostly open G I think. He may use other tunings, I'm not sure since I never tried to figure most of them out. I do know Bad to the Bone works great in open G and is quite simple. That's the only one I've ever played with a band so it's the only one I've learned, and I'm not sure he did it in open G, it just seems to work well.

Rollin and Tumblin, done by Clapton on both Crossroads and Unplugged is a good slide tune but it has an odd time signature. Open tuning. I use open G and open D, depending on vocalist, I haven't taken time to figure out what tuning Clapton used.

Ballad of Curtis Loew, Skynyrd. Tough, but playable.

Statesboro Blues, the first slide tune I ever learned. Allman Brothers. I'm not sure what tuning Duane used, I've used standard tuning ever since 1973-74 when I learned it, but I'm sure he used an open tuning, probably D. Several other Allman Bros tunes...

Tush, ZZ Top; standard tuning.
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Bad Horsie by Steve Vai has a cool slide riff.
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