Did anyone here about this game? I just saw a commercial on it like a few seconds ago. I think it seems like a cool idea. It might even persuade me to get a Ds. Here's one video

crap,i rather play real guitar and also i dont thing a Ds would sound like that.Its actually a nice sounding acoustic..
That's pretty sweet. Beats guitar hero anyway.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
looks cool, im downloading the ROM for my R4 right now.
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it looks retarded, because all you can play is chords.
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I've heard about it.

Is it actually a game though?

It just looks like a tool to me.

thats how i would describe it

ive got it, COU*m3 simply*GH! it seems like it could be very useful. obviously if you were sitting at home with your acoustic nearby you wouldnt bother but its definately a useful tool for experimenting with different chord progressions while your on the bus or whatever.

the sounds are really good and the strumming is really responsive and it has pretty much every chord known to man, or every chord youre ever going to need anyway.

you can even add your own effects loop, complete with a horrible distortion, fairly pleasant chorus and interesting delay and flanger options.
Can you strum partial chords or does it have to be the whole whopping six-string version? That could get a bit crap.
rubbish for one its ubisoft and they dont like to debug their games
no vocals no beats just crappy sounding guitar chords
i work in games and we had the Ubisoft rep come and "show" it off
he told me after playing this he has a slieght edge when it comes to playing a real guitar
i would rather eat my own shoes then play this turd.
its kinda cool. I have it and i could see myself composing some chord progressions during a car ride or in school.