I just got a brand new Fender MIM Stratocaster for my birthday! I'm currently playing through a Fender Frontman 15G and an RP250. I play every kind of music, from Metallica to Jimi Hendrix to Bedouin Soundclash. I have a Long and McQuade and a smaller store called Quest Musique close to where I live, so possibilites are nearly unlimited, except for my budget, which rests at around $350. Any help?
Vox AD50VT.

Perhaps the 30 watt if you don't need the high wattage.

Also, do you want modeling, or just tube, or just normal solidstate?

I've heard decent things about Crate Palamino's, and I know Epiphone Valve Juniors are nice and extremely moddable.

Also Roland Cubes are good amps.

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I'll second everything mustangrobert13 said, it really just depends on your preference between them. I'd also recommend a Blues Junior, but you might not be able to find one cheap enough cause you'd have to add an OD to get Metallica type stuff on it, as like the Crate and Epiphone amps.
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I would eventually need some higher watt levels to be heard at gigs, yes. but thanks so far