I was playing my les paul one day, and i realized everytime i tuned it the g and b strings were in tune, but wouldnt sound in tune when i played certain chords, so i fugured it was the intonation, took it to my local guitar shop and ask the guy to fix the intonation, after that, it still wasnt fixed, i could see he fiddled with the bridge, but still nothing. So any suggestion? Im kinda scared to fix the intonation myself, i dont want to mess it up. thanks.
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He did not adjust the intonation correctly. Not to rag on the tech, but is it possible he did not know what he was doing, or just messed with the bridge a second to blow you off? Take it to another tech. Unless the neck or bridge is majorly screwed (frets misplaced, bridge misplaced, etc.) it is easy to adjust intonation on a LP. I'd go ahead and get a complete setup.