I'm thinking of my first guitar build, I have all the necessary tools and resources at my disposal and I'm willing to try it out. I was wondering if there are any websites with readily available plans/blueprints for popular guitar shapes? I was looking around and didn't find much of use. I'm looking in particular for a Rhoads V-style guitar body plan to keep things relatively simple!

I reckon I could get some plywood and put together something myself but I want to make something as close as possible to the real thing. Having not done this before I'm taking this as a learning experience but I need a little direction to get me started.

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Np, i think i came acrossed it yesterday O.o so it's pretty new to me, but I like what they are doing.
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Anyways there is a website where you can buy MDF templates of various body shapes, a few people around here have used it I believe.