Mine is very difficult to play. It doesnt help that the action on the strings near the 12 fret is extremely high, but the bridge is just a block of wood so i dont really know if i can adjust it.

Im pretty sure some of the frets are a little worn too, but then again i found it in my basment so i just changed out the strings and i dont want to spend money i dont have on a crap guitar.

Is it normal to have to push way too hard to avoid buzz?
It's normal for an acoustic to be harder to fret than an electric, but it shouldn't be overly so. If you have such high action at the higher frets, you may need to sand off a bit of the bottom of the saddle. The bridge saddle is the white piece fit into the bridge that the strings go up and over. It should be removable. It's a very easy task to place a piece of sandpaper down onto a flat surface, then little by little sand down the bottom of the saddle. Sand a little, test fit and restring. Take it slow, doing this over and over until you lower the action to your liking and get no buzzing. Caution tho, if you remove too much, you can't put it back on. You can shim it up again with some strips of paper or whatnot, but that will tend to muffle the sound a bit. If it comes to that, just pick up a new blank and start over. If I'm mistaken about how your bridge is made, my appoligies. A pic of it would help tremendously.
you could set it up to play slide if you wanted. a higher action would be perfect for that. change the tuning to open G or some other open tuning and hit those blues. but if your not into that you could possibly sand the bridge down if its possible to remove. if not u might just have to suck it up. or take it to a guitar tech and see what they can do
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