Lately, I've been trying to advance my playing, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I really like this guy's music, and I've been trying to mimic his movements. Unfortunately, I'm also visually impaired and can't see what he's doing in half of his videos. I'm not sure what strings he's playing to get the intervals he's getting. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could mimic them and explain or tab out how he's achieving those particular sounds, especially the hammer on thing he's doing. His music's really pretty, and I'd like to take some of those techniques and adapt them to my own style. (I write a lot of acoustic Lacuna Coil-esque stuff. Not at all what this guy plays, but it suits me fine.

Also, I'd appreciate any other tips and techniques you guys are willing to toss my way.

Finally, my brother-in-law and I have been swapping guitars back and forth; I have a nylon-string classical, and he has a steel string dreadnought. I like the slightly better range I can play with his guitar, but I've cut my fingers open on his high E string several times, and that sucks because I play a lot of blues and I like playing high F. Does anyone know what I can do to help my fingers develop callouses more quickly and hopefully less painfully (other than just keep playing)?

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I will never understand how I went from drumming on a lamp shade to slicing my fingers open on a ukulele of all things.
Does anyone know what I can do to help my fingers develop callouses more quickly and hopefully less painfully (other than just keep playing)?

Nope, just keep on playing. Every time I take a break from guitar or don't play in a band for a while, like now, I have to go through building callouses again and it sucks...but I've never cut my fingers on the strings, even as a 5 year old learning.
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i suppose that the callouses cant be helped any way except for continued playing even when your fingers hurt like hell.
on the video, i think he is playing fingerstyle (no pick) and is just hammering on and sliding up and back down, oh and he seems to be hitting the soundbox with his palm.
Cool little tune. I'm not too impressed with the guys vocals, but at least he sings in tune, and the guitar work is good. Clean, accurate and smooth, nice guitar work. Didn't have a chance to listen to it earlier today, I'm on dialup and it takes ages for things like this to load. This took about 30 minutes.

As far as technique, he's using a capo on the first fret, it's played in A making it actually a B flat. I'm not sure if he's tapping on the sound box or what. He seems to be in standard tuning, I put a capo on fret one and I'm in tune with it. I haven't figured all the chords out yet, but it's a not too unusual A progression, starting in A and using half barre chords to "walk" a B up to a C#, sliding the chords to get there, then going from A to D and dropping back to C#. But he's using the C# and D higher up the neck than I would have guessed, or tried. The last thing in the chord structure is a nice little lick using a D variant I can't make out, and can't quite copy yet, walking the top note down from a 5th with pinkie and middle finger while holding the D.

I can't see it well enough to make out all the chords, I'm having to try and play along and figure it out by sound. And it sounds like he's using partial chords, or maybe 7ths, 9ths, 13ths, 17ths and demented K sharps I've never heard of... I'm not sure what some of the other chords are, and he's using a couple I haven't tried too hard to figure out. I'll leave figuring out specific chords to you. (I don't know the names of half the chords I play, I just figure 'em out and play 'em, a lot of them I've figured out by picking out one note at a time.) I couldn't tell you the names of them anyway, but I know they are based on A, C# and D, and I think I heard an F# in there too. He's also fingerpicking it, leading off the bass notes with the thumb and picking the higher notes all at once with 2 or 3 fingers. Does pretty good at it too.

I tinker around with fingerpicking similar to this style sometimes, blending open notes with partial barre chords, it's good for some interesting sounds and licks. I've been working on a song using that style for a year or so, doesn't sound even remotely like this tune, and I haven't figured out where I want to go with it from the basic A pattern I've worked up so far.

Interesting song, even though it's not particularly my style of stuff. Not what I'd go stand in line to see, unless he had something else I really liked, but not hard to listen to. Reminds me of John Mayer, not his sound or style, but the scenario that I love to listen to Mayer play guitar but I'm not crazy about the songs he writes for the most part. This guy sounds good, but probably not what I'd rush out to buy. But it was fun sitting here picking out the little bits of it I did try...after I finally found my capo...
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
I've never heard of anyone cutting their fingers playing? How old are the strings on his guitar? And I'd definitely see about a lower gauge string if I could... That may help with the fingers a bit.
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