hey i keep hearing about flamingo strumming on bass cuz of les but i dont know what the **** flamingo strumming is can somone help out

You mean Flamenco strumming? Can't help much, but I know Les Claypool makes use of it sometimes.
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Flamingo? You really think it's called flamingo? Why are all noobs... like noobs?

Anyway, on Bass Player TV, Geddy Lee goes over flamenco strumming very breifly. He doesn't mention it, but at least you get to see how it's done. Stanley Clarke also has a sorta flamenco thing going on when he plays upright.
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Ya flamenco is a very intense style of regional mexican music. Its known for being the most difficult style of music to play (I dont buy it but...). Anyway its kinda similar to super slap??
That one Victor Wooten/Futerman video on youtube gives you a good example of flamenco guitar. Its more or less really fast slap. You can apply the same pricepals to bass.
If you could do it it would be amazing however thats years and years and years you could spend learning more useful tequniques.

Flamenco is not Mexican, it is Spanish. And I've never seen a Flamenco guitarist slap. Ever. And I rarely see a flamenco bassist, and the ones that I do see tend to play finger or pick style. Slap is a technique originating several thousand miles west of the home of flamenco. Flamenco technique ported over to bass seems to be the right hand fingerpicking technique that I can't explain... but which is nothing like slap.

I don't know much about the technique and style, but I know enough to know your post... doesn't ring right.
And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me: no, nor woman neither... nor women neither.
Well for one i am going to concede that that he makes way more good points than me.

Ok i screwed that up way bad. The difficult factor is the thumb teqnique. It lends itself to the slap we all know. It is spanish but its played a bunch is mexico.

They strum so fast they develop a thumb tequnique that is similar to slap guitar. Its just really really fast. And im talking about real flamenco. Not the macrenna.

Just disregard the deal above. Its pretty wrong.
^Please pass a videolink to see what you are saying, I think you are horribly wrong. AFAIK the threadstarter is refering to Rasgeado. And I have no idea what the hell you are talking about. And Flamenco is not really practiced in mexico.
Wow, some of the misinformation in here is scary. I rarely stop by in the bass forum, generally only to look at a few of the BoTM threads, but I think this needs to be sorted out.

Right, flamenco: It's a style of music, that emerged in the south of Spain, it's not Spanish music, it's a combination of Arab and Moorish music combined with Spanish music. Hence why most flamenco music sounds Spanish and not all Spanish music is flamenco.

Onto this technique you are all talking about. It's called rasgueado and is an imitation of the foot stomping and clapping there is in flamenco dance. Because real flamenco was about cante(singing) and baile(dancing) the guitar was only added in later as an accompaniment. So many of the techniques of the guitar are derived from those. The main ideas is that it has to be even and it has to fall in with el compas. What is this compas I talk about? It's the basic rhythm and feeling of flamenco, because that is what essentially flamenco is about. You don't need wild finger picking skills, you just need to know how to rasgueado evenly and have a few chords. Stick this in with el compas, and you got yourself flamenco! El compas, generally needs to be taught to outsiders but it seems like the flamencos are born with it, which isn't really true, they just develope it after many and many hours of listening. It's second nature to them, but if you don't have compas you don't have anything. So, now the technical way to do a rasgueado. Note, that there are many different combinations, I'm just starting in flamenco and will talk about the ones I know.

Rasgueados, have to be even.

To do flamenco strumming basically put your fingers in a fist then open them quickly

That's pretty much wrong. A rasgueado has to be even, each stroke with the finger must have the same amount of notes and value as the previous ones. If you open your fist quickly what you will get are uneven notes. You don't really have control over what strings your hitting and if you do a rasgueado like that, randomly, you will knock yourself out of the compas.

To do one type of rasgueado, without the thumb being linked in place your thumb on the E string, close your fist, turn the metronome at sixty and strum one beat with your pinky, one with your ring finger, on with your middle and one with your index. Once you do that final stroke with your index, rake it back up the strings. Going from G, I think it is on a bass, back towards the E, when at first you were going from the E to the G. See what I mean. And for future reference if you don't know:

i: index
m: middle
a: ring
e: pinky.

Right, I'm a bit tired now, I might post some more in a little while...
Nah, that's really basic ****. Technique isn't really the essence of flamenco it's the compas that's important and I don't really know how you would go about teaching that apart from describing it, I mean, anyone can work out how to do rasgueados, but to actually be able to fit in with compas. If you really want to get serious about flamenco though PM this guy:

im_LoUsY <-- he is by no means lousy. Quite a few of the things I know about flamenco are taken from this thread:


He pretty much says the same things but in a much neater fashion than me, I was just remember things as I typed which is why it got kind of messy.
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I'm not completely sure what flamenco is but I guess this is what everyone is talking about: http://youtube.com/watch?v=mrav_MSMjNs
The song is School Days by Stanley Clarke. And just for fun, watch Stanley's hand at 13:50.

ok so watching stanley clarke play like that makes me want to get super light strings, and learn how to shred like that, i've seen the stuff that victor and marcus did before, but stanley sounded crazy