i have a standard squier p-bass from a fender strat pack.

Now, i want to give it better sound.

First, can i replace the standard pickups with other better pickups, or some jazz pickups?

into a jazz/p bass hybrid?

into this, which i already have

I'm not sure how i want to go about this, but my point is: "Can i stick jazz pickups on the squier p-bass easily? or can i change the pickups to better ones easily?"

plzz help me!!
yes to a change to P-bass pickups. not rly to adding a Jazz pickup. You would have to cut a hole into the body, and then lots of messy routing and stuff. But replacing isnt too hard.
there are plenty of people who could help you route it.. talk to carousel!! he's really good and a nice guy to talk to.
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