R + 5 = power chord. It doesn't matter what kind of guitar you're playing
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everything on electric can also be played on acoustic. its just harder.
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does an acoustic have strings?????

of course u can do power chords on a acoustic.. u can do pretty much anything on an acoustic that u do on an electric.
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there must be some hidden meaning behind this question, right?
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Of course it'll sound nice.

Listen to Overkill by Colin Hay, thats an acoustic solo based on powerchords. You need to the modern acoustic version not the 80's pop-rock version.
It doesn't sound as full on an unamplified acoustic, so you'd probably want to use the major chord instead of a power chord.

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Acoustic? Any polytonal instrument can play a powerchord, and any group of monotonal instruments can play one too... The term "Powerchord" is just what the guys with no theoric knowledge called the root harmonized by the fifth and optionally the octave.

Correct me if I'm wrong...
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Thanks, this is great help..

i'm composing some acoustic stuff for a competiton.. but i was just sorta tryna figure out if it was alright to do it.. cos i mainly just listen to see if it sounds good.. which is probably good enough answer for me ahaha