It lowers the output volume of an amp, mainly tube, so you can get overdriven sounds at low volumes.
only usefull for tube amps, it has no real use on a SS amp, even though I've seen it advertised as such. It allows the powersection to start clipping at a lower volume, which would be dreadful on a SS amp. It goes between your amps speaker output, and the speakers or cab. It bleeds off some of the power, depending how far you attenuate, and turns it into heat. This allows your amp to work harder, without all the power getting to the speakers.
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Anyone knows what Attenuator is in Swedish??
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Anyone knows what Attenuator is in Swedish??

Search it on a translator?
I did, looked up on my vocabulary and it stood only what "attenuate", it was like weakening something. Found a page though, but it had no word for it, stood only in Swedish "Equippment that decreases the amplitude on electronic signals".
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ok, so if i used a Attentuator on a JCM800 i could get a good tone without needing to Crank it?

yea...i also have a jcm 800 and i'm using it with an ultimate attenuator...here's the site if you wanna check it out http://ultimateattenuator.com/

it was the only attenuator that i've tried that didn't changed the timbre too much

here are some reviews if you wanna check it out
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