Well tonight I went to re-subscribe to Xbox Live only to find out that all the subscription codes I ahve are expired. I was wondering if any UGer had a spare two month free card in one of his games that hasn't been used yet. If you do then can you please PM the code to me and if you want you can send your Gamertag and I'll play you.

EDIT:35 views and no help, c'mon someone must have a spare code
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Eh, sorry.
I lost mine =[
I have XBL, but it'll expire in December.
If you get one, message me and we'll play some Halo 2 sometime.
You're not brutal.

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i dont know if you are using 360 or original, but if 360 then you can do this.

If you dont care about your gamerscore, then you can make a completely new gamertag and get a free month with it. This is quite a hassle though seeing as you have to go through the process of creating a account, re-adding friends and such, but it is free.

Also, i cant promise you anything, but my friend somehow comes up with free month codes alot, and i think he might have one or two. I'll see what i can do, but if i can even get you anything, it unfourtunately probably wont be anything more than a month though. sorry.

hope i helped a bit though. better than a "no."