Poll: What do you think of kilts?
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I want one!
23 51%
Boo, they suck!
6 13%
Proud owner of a kilt! (FREEEEDOMM)
6 13%
Ehh, whatever, they're okay if you are scottish!
10 22%
Voters: 45.
Kilts! Yes, the great scottish invention. What do you think of them? Are they manly? Are the Comfortable?

Share you're kilt expierence with UG!
Endorsed by Framus Amps

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you shoulda lynched that nigger.

*spits in spittoon and feels up his cousin*
like seeing catholic schoolgirls wearing them
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they're ugly
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They look badass... I wish I could buy one but it's probably impossible to find here in Portugal.
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I want one..
Tonight I kill your fucking face.
I killed your face.

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utili-kilts cost way too much for me
Endorsed by Framus Amps

Quote by primusfan
you shoulda lynched that nigger.

*spits in spittoon and feels up his cousin*
coming from a person who has never worn/owned a kilt, or even has scottish blood in him

who cares, as long as u dont go commando. then we have a problem.
I want one.
Parents are like, ew, no.
You're not brutal.

(click the smiley!)

I own one and have worn it to school multiple times! The reactions range from I want to sex you to GTFO FAGGOT!!! In fact I intend to wear it again tomorrow! I love my kilt!
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lol, my dad has 2, but not like Scottish ones, hard to explain... like, more metal? lol
black with buckles and chains. he wears them with spiked commando boots when he shaves his head and shows off his horn tattoos
i dont mind, cuz my dad was the one who got me into metal
thanks dad!
Well if they're good enough for Flatfoot 56, then they are good enough for me.
666 BRO
Our town is named Glasgow, so the school band wears kilts. God, it's so embarrassing, they get laughed at all the time but they insist on wearing them. We don't even have anything to do with Scotland...