I was wondering if there was any way to better preserve my strings. Because my strings get very rusty and dirty, mostly the little e, b, and g.

Post your suggestions.

Thank you.
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You can use coated strings, but unless you're storing your guitar in extreme conditions (ie outdoors), rust probably means it's been WAY too long since you changed them.
i think there is this lemon stuff yuu can put on them
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just buying new strings would be the best answer. I've heard of several ways to supposedly preserve your strings, but I'm not sure how reliable they'd be at not killing tone/ not making them last longer...
no dont put stuff ont hem. just wipe them down with a cloth after you play, and wash your hands before you play
GHS fast fret.
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GHS fast fret.

Exactly, I had the same problem (strings rusting extremely fast), but I've been using GHS Fast Fret after I play (every single time) and the strings last a lot longer