Anybody know where I can find one? It's Joe Satriani's Custome Ibanez Guitar and it's dope.

I know there was one point in time when they sold the guitars, I think it was the 10th Anniversary or something... I can't find any now though.

These things probably cost a fortune now, but you never know.
my god... teh smudges on my black ibanez drive me nuts already, I couldn't imagine that thing haha
The thing looks amazing. Only 60 were made with chrome, the rest used aluminum because the chrome ones had problems.
no, but i saw satriani playing it live
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JS2 or JS10th, both very limited editions are are fairly rare in the used market. The former is basswood, the latter is plastic. Either will cost you around three-four grand.

Edit: oh, and JS2CH were chrome plated, as were all of the around-500 of the JS10th. There was an aluminum plated reissue, but I've never seen one of those buggers. Any kind of metal finish on a guitar of that shape will have imperfections, chrome or aluminum.
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no, but i saw satriani playing it live

so did I, in NYC, 20th Anniversary of Surfin' with the Alien. It was 2 months ago actually. Best concert ever.
That reminds me of this...

Those guitars are definitely awesome, though. I recently saw Satch at the Roxie in Hollywood and the guitar looked amazing.
The wood looked creepy lol, poor dude, that happened to my explorer. I felt like throwing myself off a bridge. If I had a JS10 and that happened...
I'd love to have a JS10 myself but i think that'll be happening anytime soon. The site shows some of the registered JS10's and if any are for sale (And I don't think any are lol).
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They are extremely expensive. mainly because chroming wood is far from easy. Especially when trying to have the least amount of imperfections as possible. I prefer the Y2K Crystal Planet JS personally.