I am replacing my pickups and I am wondering what would make a good alternative/progressive metal sound. I have a Schecter C1 +, and I want at least an active pickup on the bridge.

(If anyone knows what pickups Adam Jones uses, that would be appreciated)
it would be really hard to have just one active pickup so I say get both or nothing. But doing to jump on the band wagon and say EMGs
no idea what jones uses.

i would get a satriani dimarzio and either an EMG or a dimarzio super-distortion

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Well, I read somewhere that EMG's sound too muddy on Mahogany guitars. Not sure if that's valid though.
EMG's, either the 81/85 or 81/60 combo...
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people say they hate emg's cause they need a battery but it's not hard to change every 4 months or so, I mean it's just as easy as changing the battery in your remote.