Well one of the bands I am in (I would probably consider it my main project) has like 30 original songs but we can currently play like 14 of them. WE have a really broad range of genres, song by song. (We have a couple punk songs, a few extended bluesy numbers, pop/rock, surf, and even an instrumental metal song). I see this as a good thing because I enjoy so many different types of music and kinda want to play them all but I just wanted to know what other people thought.
A band of my very own:

No, it's not okay. You MUST be close-minded and one-sided if you want to succeed at all.

(No really, that's the truth.)
the only bad thing about mixing to many genres is u will alienate different groups of fans- ie what Metallica did- confusing more then half their fanbase going "country-metal" around Load's release. but it is your art form after all, and if u are just in it for bein happy and playin music go for it- mind you at some point you will more then likely have angry groups of ex fans insulting you or something you have recently done/worked on.
It might be a good idea to try to find a sort of core sound for the band, and then make that core sound central to all these different ideas and types of songs you're playing. If you change your sound willy-nilly all the time, every song, you might as well just learn covers and play weddings.

Does that sound too harsh?

Seriously, though. I like it when a band has a sort of identifiable tone to their music, that I can pick out easily and quickly. That doesn't mean that I despise any sort of variation from the norm, but, well . . . .

Okay, take Pink Floyd as an example. Their music spans a lot of different sounds and styles, but you can always tell that it's the Floyd by the general tone and attitude of the music.

If you can find a way to accomplish something similar, hell yeah, go for it.

Ya dig?
it's fine as long as you keep that eclectic sound on all your subsequent albums, and dont do a drastic change cause you might lose your core fanbase
Quote by yawn
No, it's not okay. You MUST be close-minded and one-sided if you want to succeed at all.

(No really, that's the truth.)

Thanks for the input, it really opened my eyes now I am gonna make everything sound the same, it all makes sense now!
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Are you crazy serious at the moment? If not, don't worry about it. However, a quote from a review comes to mind...

"Dinosaur (the Jr. got safety pinned on after they became famous when a dinosaur Dinosaur came crawling out of the woodwork to protest) is, like many albums made by people just out of high school, stylistically incontinent. (This a polite way of saying it's a ****ing mess.) There was all this cool music out there, new and old, and Dinosaur wanted to sound like all of it, with a hardcore base. Opener "Bulbs of Passion" cribs from Sonic Youth; "Forget the Swan" is an outtake from The Cure's Three Imaginary Boys; "Cats in a Bowl" shoulda called itself "Burger Marionettes", etc."

How related is it? Dunno.

Anyway, it might be worth mentioning that when my band started out, we kinda sampled from many different genres, but then eventually a particular sound started coming out.
My band is Hardcore/Punk/Post-Hardcore/Experimental
Not to mention we push post-hardcore and experimental into all sorta styles with a bit of proggy, alt rock and indie to it!
Our music ranges all the way from heavy stuff like hatebreed to soft stuff like Mars Volta and even RHCP....

So like it is okay to have a bunch of genres... But i'ld still recommend staying in one group of genres... Like Hardcore, Punk and Post-hardcore are closely related.... experimental is for all the other stuff we throw in...
And i'ld also not recommend mixing different genres. Like Keeping hardcore and punk in its pure original form is the best way to go with it. Thats how the hardcore fans like their music.
All the mixing of genres is for the other post-hardcore/experimental side of my band...!

So yeah... Having a bunch of genres is a fine thing.
But some genres you shouldn't really mix with others... And its good to stay in a group of genres so that the music still sounds like its coming from the same band... And its not like there are 3 or 4 different bands playing in the album!
Do what you want. In a sense, its important you have you're own sound rather than playing everything...so people can identify with your music when they hear it.

When i hear snow patrol, i know its snow patrol. If they played about 7 different genres worth of music and were somehow on the radio, i wouldnt have the foggiest as to who it was every time they brought out a new single.
Yup, the most important thing is to keep your characteristic band sound in every song you come up with.
So that when people listen to your song, it could be a different style or genre but still have your band's feel to it. Its a really tough thing to do. To develop your own unique band style...
But you need to do it if you wanna become a great band!!
Make good music and music that speaks for you. If you do this well and with confidence then people will be drawn to your music no matter what genre it happens to fall into.
here's what you do:

everyone in your band seems to enjoy diversity. what you all need to do is learn your music theory and then you can start just writing MUSIC, and then the only limit is your level of creativity...

my band writes in the broad genre of rock, but because we all learned how to play music in general, not a single genre of music, we're able to be very diverse, but have our own sound because we are all just playing what comes naturally to us on each song. if you can understand intervals, scales and chord construction, all you need to do is get a tune in your head and figure it out.

as for the appeal of such bands, that's the heart of what makes rock such a cruel business. in order to have any staying power, you must be able to stay within the acceptable boundaries of a rock sound on the majority of your songs, and yet still do something artistic and relevant and original on every record, AND be able to make it into a kickass concert.
Yeah, I think we have our own style in everything we do. We also all just appreciate music not just rock, and I love playing a ton of different styles, and I am pretty sure we can put on a good concert it's just that our sound sucks cuz our PA has no subs and no one we ever try to put on sound has a clue what they're doing so we don't really get that good of a response consistantly. And we havent practiced in like a month..... but since this isn't the bitch about my band thread, go ahead and continue the discussion at hand.
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