WOW. this is awesome, really easy listening. your vocals r amazing, the best i have heard on here. i love the acoustic, just brilliant and beautiful. where can i buy your music. u dont live to far away from my cousin, if u ever what a gig, hit up my cousin, he knows all the right ppl. but back to your work, this is amazing. keep it up, your goin somewhere, i dont know where, but it is a good place... could u crit mine,
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bit too chill?? u ever here stop this train by mayer... reminiscent of this song definitely... hmmm... i wanna go to the ocean, California beach baby, nice song bro, totally dig

u have any music with more rhythm? maybe a drum beat, funk? blues?
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Edit:was posting at two places at once and posted aobut another song here and this song somewhere else but thats fixed now

Really awesome song over all, yeah that about sums it up, good vocals and guitar.
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It's beautiful. Your vocals, the melody, the guitar work, it's all fantastic. Oh and I really like the lyrics as well. I don't really think it needs to be improved so I don't know what more I can say, but I honestly think it's a beautiful song. Great job man.

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