Hi all, I own a esp ex250 model (mahogany wood, rosewood fingerboard) that came with stock 'duncan designed' pickups.I really have no clue what the specs are of these pickups but I do know that they dont sound heavy enough for me.I wanted to replace the bridge pup with one of the three: Dimarzio d activators Vs EMG81's Vs Sh4.

I like heavy metal hi gain sound but I also like nice acoustics

(for example: like COB, classic in flames, Ensiferum, classic Arch enemy)

I own a spider 2 amp with dual celestion speakers

and the question is which pickup will get me started on my sound quest?
maybe one can also sugest a neck pickup suitable for the job?
please state if you have experience with the product.
i think one of the guitarists on arch enemy uses the sh-4's.. and if u want a nice acoustic sound, i dont think emgs would do u any good..
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well. when i want a nice acoustic sound. i pick up a nice acoustic guitar. actives are known for a high output for metal tone
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sorry meant to say clean sound, I usually speak dutch so dont mind the english