has anyone else heard of this, and has it worked for anyone? I don't believe that stupid movie, so I thought I'd see if UG has any proof of this working.
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its a scam.

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it's just someone trying to make money off of people who want to believe in these kind of things...it's a scam and it's complete bull****
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what the hell is it?
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I developed a thought experiment to explain why you can't remember anything before you were born:
Feeble humans! Always looking for a purpose on their existence! not content to accept the fact that we are here "just because". But NO... they're too egocentric and pretentious for that, and so look for a "reason" for their existence. and they they think they can "control" the cosmos with their minds? HA!
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its a scam.


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what the hell is it?

basically if you think about wanting something bad enough, then it will evenually come to you and you will have an oportunity to have it. It complete bull crap in my opinion.
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Actually i believe this is quite an interesting concept. Those of you dismissing it as rubbish, are really being quite ignorant. The visualizing it and it coming to you isn't actually what it is all about, that is the first step, the law is really just telling you to be positive with your actions and focusing on your goal, making it much easier to get in the long run.
hmm, well if it is insurmountable odds then it may be redundant, but if it is possible for it to happen, then maybe you subconciously plan for it to, but i am not entireley sure.

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