i'd love to tell you something
but you might fall in love if i do
"that's the last thing i want." i say to myself
"love is an illusion, love is untrue."

i'd like to tell you something
& this is probably the best time to do so
every hour spent with you is filled with anxiety
i just thought you should know

i want to tell you something
& i think today is the day
i grow impatient & open my mouth
i stutter as i find the guts to say:

"i've been dying to tell you something.
it's about me & you.
well, this is gonna be hard to say but...
i... i love you."
Last edited by turnfoot at Sep 13, 2007,
thanks man. anyone got suggestions on how i could improve it? maybe a change in lines, title variations or anything constructive would be helpful.
Maybe change the title of the song? Seeing as the "I... I love you" is the punchline, so to speak, you kind of give it away in the title. As I read the lyrics of the first verse, I kind of knew that the "I love you" part was going to come at the end.
How about calling it "Anxiety"? I think that word reflects the feel of the song more than any other.
anxiety is good but i decided to change it into "doubt, anxiety, patience, silence". cause for me each verse have different meanings. i hope you'll see why. any more suggestions?
Thats amazing dude. Keep up the good work.

And i agree with turnfoot, i would replace the word anxiety aswell.
Keep it up!